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Erosion Control Service That Makes All the Difference

Overtime, the earth surrounding your home or commercial building can begin to erode, which can pose environmental and safety concerns for yourself and the public. This is when McCrea’s Landscaping Services steps in. With our proven erosion control solutions, we reach beyond securing your fertile land — we also prevent floods from worsening and sediments from entering waterways. Secure your property by exploring our sure-fire erosion control services that are demonstrated to mitigate erosion issues. We offer many preventative services tailored to various erosion circumstances — including yours.

An Erosion Control Solution for Any Circumstance

Here at McCrea’s Landscaping Services, we face every task with the understanding that all circumstances vary. This explains our wide availability of erosion control services. We will begin protecting your property from wind and water by conducting an initial inspection of your land. From there, we will establish a tailored approach that is geared to mitigate erosion to avoid the risks that result from displaced, loose soil! McCrea’s Landscaping Services gladly offers a full range of erosion control services that are designed to protect your property and the environment:

  • Seed, Fertilizer and Straw
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Blanket Installation
  • Silt Fences
  • Mulching

…and more!

Assisting the Lawrence community with their erosion problems and concerns, McCrea’s Landscaping Services focuses on being a trusted, infallible resource. We work relentlessly to protect commercial and residential properties throughout Kansas while protecting Mother Earth.

Very personable when they spoke to me. Really got to understand my business and where I was as well as where I wanted to go. Rosie, Amie and Cesar. Very nice and professional. Great at setting the expectations. Very happy and I highly recommend this service.
- Eric Hough | Charlotte, NC
Excellent customer service….very helpful with the process. Will always try to solve the problem. Thanks again.
- Luis Velez | Miami, FL

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