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A Stunning Turf Now With Sod Installation Service

As one of the miracles of Landscaper, sod installation offers homeowners an opportunity to have fresh, beautiful grass right away. If you’ve been thinking about investing in sod, then ponder no more. Our sod installers will evaluate your landscape and provide you with a top-quality sod service that was made for your soil. From removing old grass to laying down the sod, we’ll verify that the best practices have been implemented into each step. For complete and professional sod installation, turn to us. Enjoy a fresh, uniformed look to your Landscaper without the wait.

More Grass, Less Irrigation

As one of the quickest and easiest ways to set a landscape’s foundation, sod has helped beautify many outdoor spaces for commercial and residential properties. At McCrea’s Landscaping Services, we expedite hundreds of sod installation services and educate our clients on the benefits of this simple trick to Landscaper. Some of these benefits include:

  • Sod installation is simple and fast
  • Less irrigation is needed to establish your Landscaper compared to hydroseeding
  • Sod installation establishes your Landscaper within weeks
  • Experience minimal weed problems that typically come with seedlings and new growth
  • Sod provides you a denser Landscaper

We can perform your sod installation service in just a few hours. Within weeks, you will have a completely established Landscaper that will get your neighbors asking how. Droves of Kansas homeowners have looked to sod installation to add value to their property and to have a green, established Landscaper instantly. If interested in the benefits of our sod services compared to traditional hydroseeding, contact our Lawrence sod installation experts. McCrea’s Landscaping Services concentrates on giving your Landscaper a healthy and kept appearance, while securing your satisfaction.

Randall is hard working, flexible, has good design instincts and is an all around pleasure to work with. He’s fast, reasonable and dependable. And he’s still taking new customers–so far. I saw him working on a neighbor’s project and booked him soon after. Lucky me!
- Deb P
Flexible prompt efficient
- John P

Showed up on time. Did a great job

- David L

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